Gilasi has the style and colors to lend vibrancy to your corporate image.  It has the variety of material sizes to meet your space requirements.  It offers the most sustainable choice for all your workplace surfaces, from stairs to table tops.


Create Your Look

Your business image is distinct and Gilasi can help you highlight that.  Choose from our cool or warm whites or other solid tones.  Let a vivid color symbolize the boldness of your vision.  Or pick a style accented with larger nuggets of glass that offer a one-of-a-kind look.  If none of these matches your concept, we’ll work with you to simply, quickly and affordably create your own customized expression.  And there’s never a minimum slab purchase.

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Your material requirements may vary depending on the kind of project you are considering.  Gilasi is manufactured to fit your specific project and is available in two standard thicknesses and three standard slab sizes.

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Environmentally Friendly

Everyone wants a healthy workplace, and Gilasi can help you achieve that goal. With our high recycled-content level and VOC-free binder, Gilasi is committed to creating the most environmentally friendly solid surface on the market. Our DECLARE Label opens our doors to let you see exactly how green Gilasi is.

Please visit our Gilasi is Green page for more details.