Gilasi Third Life Reclamation Program

At Gilasi, our commitment to sustainability never ends.  To reduce future material waste, we developed the Gilasi Third Life Reclamation Program.  This program re-uses replaced Gilasi surfaces such as countertops, tables, and windowsills to create new products, giving our recycled ingredients at least a Third Life.

Gilasi customers and fabricators can return remnant pieces of Gilasi to our Chicago manufacturing facility where this material will be refinished into new products such as countertops, reception desks and tables or cut into samples.

How the Process Works

The process is essentially double recycling since Gilasi is already made from recycled material. Theoretically, this process can loop indefinitely.

Samples: If a client has received samples they no longer need, these can simply be returned to Gilasi at 5130 N Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, IL, 60640.

Larger Remnants: When a client has a new installation and there is left-over Gilasi material (known as remnants), they can have their fabricator return it to Gilasi at our Chicago facility. The same process would work if a client is remodeling and removing an older installation of Gilasi.

Recycling Process: Once we receive the material, we will determine how best to recycle it. Some pieces may be re-purposed as samples and sent out to prospective clients. Larger pieces may be re-used for new smaller installations. As part of our Third Life program, we will donate surfaces to non-profit organizations whenever possible. Third Life Gilasi pieces may also be broken up and crushed to be re-integrated into a completely new product.

Type of Material Accepted: Through the Third Life program, we will accept only Gilasi material made with our VOC-free epoxy formula. The material needs to be free from foreign substances such as adhesives and other residue. A photograph of the material is required before it will be accepted.  That photo can be emailed to