Gilasi relishes the challenge of meeting the exacting needs of architects and designers.  When our palette of colors and styles doesn’t work for you, we make customization easy, fast and affordable.  To reduce cost and material waste, we offer multiple slab sizes and widths as well as custom sizing possibilities.  Because we know your work takes you to many different cities, we offer expedited shipping anywhere in North America.


Endless Options

The many colors and styles in Gilasi’s palette complement any décor.  Choose from bold colors or warm whites and solid tones.  Select a style with larger glass nuggets for a one-of-a-kind look. Or create a look that will give your client something entirely unique.  It’s simple, fast and affordable to customize Gilasi, and there’s never a minimum slab requirement.

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It's in The Details

We know color and style options aren’t the only elements a professional has to consider.  That’s why we offer three different standard slab sizes that allow you to cut costs and waste by as much as 40 percent.  For projects that require repetitive material sizes in quantity we can customize slabs to further increase savings and reduce waste.  Gilasi slabs are made in two thicknesses -- 2 cm and 3 cm -- allowing more versatility in installation.  Expedited shipping gets your slabs to their destination anywhere in North America, on time and safely.

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Transparency is green

Gilasi’s founding vision was to create the best, safest, environmentally friendly surface available.  To accomplish that we’ve always been on the lookout for new technology to improve our environmental impact, either through product development or production improvements.  But those are just words without complete transparency about what we do.  That’s why we are open about what goes into Gilasi. Our DECLARE Label lets you be the judge of our Green credentials.