Countertops to transform your home

Your home is unique. Customize its distinctive look with Gilasi's wide-ranging palette of colors and styles.  You'll feel secure knowing you've chosen a product both beautiful and on the cutting edge of technology, one that will be an elegant and environmentally positive choice for your home throughout its lifetime.

Beautiful and Durable

Choose from one of Gilasi's many colors and styles to add a beautiful, contemporary statement to your home. Gilasi uses only the strongest, VOC-free, aeronautics-grade epoxy -- AND it resists staining without sealers.  Enjoy your sustainable countertops worry-free for decades.

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countertops to fit your style

At Gilasi we know one size doesn't fit all.  We produce slabs in varying sizes, from as small as 10 square feet to as large as 47 square feet.  We make them either 2-cm or 3-cm thick so it's easy to use Gilasi for projects as small as a bathroom vanity or as large as complete kitchen countertops with full-length backsplashes.  We ship nationwide directly to fabricators of your choice who handle installation.  If you don't have a fabricator, we can help you locate one in your area. 

Gilasi and the Environment

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Gilasi's commitment to environmentally sound manufacturing is paramount.  We owe our clients absolute transparency in expressing our green bona fides.  We start by complying with the stringent requirements of the coveted DECLARE label, which reveals where a product originates, what it is made of, and where it goes at the end of its life.  We're also listed by Mindful Materials, an industry resource offering third-party-verified data about manufacturers.  These digital platforms, among others, enable us to show everyone exactly what goes into every slab of Gilasi.  

Our manufacturing processes are equally important to you, to us and to the planet.  We take every opportunity to reduce energy consumption in our plant, and we neutralize the energy we need to use through Carbon Offset programs.