Creating a custom pattern with Gilasi lets you make your own statement and create a truly distinctive look.  Whether for a bathroom vanity top or a complete kitchen makeover, the process is easy and fast, the possibilities endless.


Choose from the many styles of glass available to create the soul of your piece.  From clear, bright tones to deep, rich colors, our extensive inventory of glass will form the cornerstone of your individual concept.  Take it a step further by reclaiming the glass from your remodeling project to re-purpose it into a distinctive countertop of your own design.


Using natural oxides you can choose from a spectrum of colors to establish the base of your look. Choose from cool grays, blues and whites, or warm reds, yellows, and earth tones to complete your look.

Looking for something completely different? The choice is yours. Incorporate urban forested wood, recycled steel, shells, or almost anything else you can dream of to make your one-of-a-kind piece.


We want to help you make Gilasi truly yours, truly your creation.
Find out how easy it is to see your vision come to life.