Gilasi was founded on one core principle: to make better, environmentally sustainable surfaces. Since 2005, we’ve been doing just that. Gilasi contains 77-85% recycled content by weight, reducing the resources needed to make it. And we're serious about safety. Gilasi is 100% VOC-free and crystalline silica free, ensuring a safer home for you and your family and a safer workplace for our employees and fabricators.


Transform your kitchen and bath with Gilasi’s eco-friendly styles.  Create the look that’s right for you. Gilasi’s unique palette offers styles and colors to fit your look.  Or create a statement with the endless possibilities Gilasi offers for customization. See how Gilasi can be part of your home.

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Gilasi recycled glass countertops commercial

Gilasi recycled glass countertops in your office

In your reception area, at the conference table, in the cafeteria or staff room, Gilasi surfaces offer a practical yet distinctive solution at your place of business.  Customization to help with branding is always available.

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Architects & Designers

Infinitely customizable and extremely durable, Gilasi’s new generation of maintenance-free recycled glass countertops are made to fit your project.  Explore all of our environmentally friendly product specifications to see how Gilasi can be an integral part of eco-conscious design and construction.  Find out how we work for you.

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Showrooms & Fabricators

Gilasi is engineered to be fabricated with no special equipment and no special training.  We make it easy to work with Gilasi and safe as well with 0% crystalline silica.  Find out how.

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Gilasi is green

Gilasi is Green

We make Gilasi with 77-85% recycled content by weight and combine it with a VOC-free epoxy. As always, Gilasi is crystalline silica free. No greenwashing here. Check out our commitment to the future.

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